Link Checker

We have developed a Google Chrome extension that verifies the status of the links present on the page you are visiting.

It marks the links in red, yellow, or green if the links return a status of 200, 300, or 400 respectively. It also detects nofollow links and marks them in pink.

Extension can be downloaded here:

ADBOT Link Checker Chrome Extension
ADBOT Link Checker Chrome Extension


1.3. UI and Functionality Improvements (TBD)

  • Added option to check TITLE tag.
  • Added option to check Meta Description meta tag.
  • Added option to check Canonical meta tag.
  • Added option to check Robots meta tag.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Checkbox for each status was doing nothing. All status where checked either way.

1.2. UI and Functionality Improvements (30/01/2024)

  • Improved the style of detected links.
  • Added a resume of detected links in popup button.
  • Improved the detection of nofollow links

1.1. Cross-Origin Enhancement (25/01/2024)

  • Added the option to check nofollow links and mark them in pink.
  • Added option to check different status individually.
  • Scripting Enhancement to comply better with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).
  • Made changes to avoid checking external links as they were marked in red (broken) when they were giving a 200 status. This is something we plan to fix in the future. But the CORS requests might be tricky to solve.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Changed and updated the icon to work better with Dark UI in Chrome.

1.0. Initial release (24/01/2024)

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